W-Shaped Recovery

W-Shaped Recovery,

What is The Definition of W-Shaped Recovery?

  • W-shape recovery refers to the era of downturn and recovery business that looks like the letter W on the chart. The recovery in W format represents a picture of various economic metrics, such as employment, gross domestic product (GDP), industrial production, and others.

    • A recovery in the form of a W occurs when the economy goes through a recession to recover and then immediately moves on to another recession.
    • On the chart, the key economic performance indicators during the recession are in the form of the letter W.
    • A W-shaped recession can be particularly painful as it is followed by a short rally that could bounce back investors very quickly.

Literal Meanings of W-Shaped Recovery


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  1. 104 ° in the west


Meanings of Shaped:
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Meanings of Recovery:
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Sentences of Recovery
  1. Signs of recovery of real estate market

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Synonyms of Recovery

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