Vulture capitalist

Vulture capitalist,

Definition of Vulture capitalist:

  1. A person who invests in failing companies with the aim of selling them at a profit.

  2. A vulture capitalist is a type of venture capitalist (VC) who looks for opportunities to make money by buying poor or distressed firms. Just like the bird they are named after, vulture capitalists are predatory in nature. They will wait until they see the right opportunity and swoop in at the last minute, buying stakes at the lowest possible price. .

  3. Derogatory term for the investor whose primary (and usually hidden) agenda is to take control of the investee firm. See also angel investor.

  4. A vulture capitalist is an investor who seeks to extract value from companies in decline. The goal is to swoop in when sentiment is low–and the company is trading at a rock bottom price–and take whatever action is necessary to engineer a quick turnaround and sell it on for a profit.

How to use Vulture capitalist in a sentence?

  1. If they don't succeed in this goal, vulture capitalists will find other ways to line their pockets, such as engaging in asset stripping to make money.
  2. Aggressive action is taken to revive the company and boost profits, usually via hefty cost-cutting exercises like job layoffs.
  3. A vulture capitalist is an investor who purchases troubled companies whose prices have been severely depressed in the market.

Meaning of Vulture capitalist & Vulture capitalist Definition

Vulture Capitalist,

What is Vulture Capitalist?

Vulture capitalists are investors who want to extract value from a shrinking business. The goal is to enter when the mood is low and the company is trading at a low price and take the necessary steps to take a quick turn and sell at a profit.

  • Vulture capitalists are investors who buy disturbing companies that have fallen dramatically in the market.
  • Aggressive measures are taken to revive the business and increase profits, often with cost-cutting measures such as discounts.
  • Otherwise, vulture capitalists will look for other ways to pocket their wealth, such as plundering assets to make money.

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Meanings of Vulture:
  1. A large bird of prey with prominent parts of its head and neck that feeds on carrion and gathers with others to wait for the death of an animal or a sick or injured person.

  2. A lowly person who attacks or takes advantage of others.

Sentences of Vulture
  1. The prime minister is bald at the end of the donkey's neck and loses one eyelid.

  2. The press is a vulture


Meanings of Capitalist:
  1. Wealthy people who use money to make profitable investments in business and industry based on investment principles.

  2. Follow the principles of capitalism, support them.

Sentences of Capitalist
  1. The formation of the factory system by 19th century capitalists

  2. Capitalist countries

Synonyms of Capitalist

investor, financier, industrialist