Definition of Voyage:

  1. Sightseeing

Synonyms of Voyage

Ocean trip, Pass over, Trek, Grand tour, Jaunt, Expedition, Go over, Navigate, Run, Transit, Progress, Range, Range the world, Sail round, Wayfare, Sea trip, Go abroad, Crossing, Reconnoiter, Rubberneck tour, Circumnavigate, Take the road, Sail, Scour the country, Round trip, Shakedown cruise, Excursion, Steam, Fare, Steamboat, Make a passage, Scout, Motorboat, Traverse, Peregrination, Pilgrim, Hit the trail, Safari, Course, Passage, Pleasure trip, Globe-trot, Junket, Yacht, Make a pilgrimage, Track, Perambulate, Trip, Rubberneck, Make a journey, Seafare, Patrol, Sight-see, Cruise, Take a trip, Measure, Sweep, Scull, Take a voyage, Outing, Campaign, Go overseas, Overpass, Go to sea, Travel through, Range over, Travel over, Journey, Package tour, Shoot, Row, Boat, Circuit, Pilgrimage, Cover, Sail the sea, Carry sail, Coast, Peregrinate, Tour, Do, Cross, Pass through, Turn, Canoe, Leg, Pererrate, Ply, Stalk, Go by ship, Sally, Go on safari, Scour, Go on shipboard, Make a trip

Meaning of Voyage & Voyage Definition