Voucher Number

Voucher Number,

What is Voucher Number?

  1. A unique seven-digit number assigned to the coupon after final approval. It contains the alphabet and is then automatically generated according to the six numbers. Indicates the type of receipt in alphabetical order: L - Local check for payment S - Official bill for payment C - Receipt of cash B - Balance entries for transfer R - Year-end adjustment entries O - Important Liability T - International Delivery J - Excluded in one of the above categories

Literal Meanings of Voucher Number


Meanings of Voucher:
  1. A small piece of printed paper that is eligible for a discount or can be exchanged for products or services.

Synonyms of Voucher

pass, carnet, permit, deed, certificate, ticket, token, paper, licence, coupon, card, document, form


Meanings of Number:
  1. Set includes (a certain amount or quantity).

  2. Usually dial or assign a number to indicate consecutive locations.

  3. Add or rate as a group member.

  4. Mathematical values ​​are expressed as words, symbols or numbers that represent a specific quantity and are used to count, mathematically and to indicate an order in a line.

  5. Quantity or many.

  6. Magazine issue.

  7. Verbal distinction, which refers to someone, something or someone.

Sentences of Number
  1. More than 5,000 protesters

  2. Each document has a numbered sequence

  3. There is anger among the former conductors of the orchestra

  4. He chooses the numbers carefully

  5. The company aims to increase the proportion of women in the workforce

  6. The forms of the English pronoun reflect number and gender

Synonyms of Number

categorize by number, mark with a number, amount to, digit, figure, add up to, amount, specify by number, assign a number to, numeral, integer, include, quantity, copy, edition, issue, come to, count, total