Voting Trust Certificate

Voting Trust Certificate,

Voting Trust Certificate means,

Voting Trust Certificate means, A Voting Trust Certificate is a document issued by a company with limited critical trust that was created to give one or more individuals temporary control over the company's votes. Feudsheri voting certificates are issued to shareholders in lieu of ordinary shares and represent the rights of all ordinary shareholders (such as receiving profits) in addition to voting rights. The duration of a voting trust certificate varies, in most cases, between two and five years, after which ordinary voting shares are returned to the shareholders.

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Meanings of Voting:
  1. Broadcast or record sound.

  2. A formal gesture or plan of action between two or more candidates is usually indicated by a vote or a show of hands.

Sentences of Voting
  1. Vote against the resolution

  2. Voters have two votes to vote, one for or against the regional assembly and one to decide on the restructuring of local government.

Synonyms of Voting

ballot, referendum, poll, public vote, mark one's ballot paper, cast one's vote, straw poll, plebiscite, local election, go to the polls, general election, election, show of hands, popular vote


Meanings of Trust:
  1. Someone's reliability, accuracy, skill or someone's strength or firm belief in something.

  2. An arrangement in which a person (trustee) retains the property as a nominal owner for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries.

  3. A large company that owns the market or wants to gain monopoly control over the market.

  4. A hope or expectation.

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  5. He himself will use the progressive-era reformist rhetoric to store and shape its supporters as money, monopolies and administrators.

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  7. All the big secrets of femininity

Synonyms of Trust

reliance, safe keeping, keeping, pin one's faith on, assurance, certitude, custody, care, sureness, believe in, protection, belief, place one's trust in, have every confidence in, freedom from suspicion, confidence, have confidence in, conviction, charge, pin one's hopes on, faith


Meanings of Certificate:
  1. Present or announce in an official document.

  2. An official document that proves a certain fact.

Sentences of Certificate
  1. The amount earned must be verified by the employer.

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Synonyms of Certificate

testimonial, authentication, certification, authorization, guarantee, proof, warrant, licence, verification, document, voucher, accreditation, credentials, diploma