Definition of Volunteer:

  1. Act of taking the initiative on a task, responsibility or project. This could be as a response to a request or by making the initiative to do so. For example, a group can volunteer to research an issue as a response to a request.

  2. A person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.

  3. Freely offer to do something.

  4. A person that that actively takes on a task, responsibility, or project on his or her own accord without needing to be assigned, ordered, or told to do so. Often a volunteer is not paid for the work that they provide. For example, a volunteer may desire to work at a companys charitable events with or without pay and may even request to do so without being asked or told to.

Synonyms of Volunteer

Arbitrary, Autonomous, Autonomousness, Autonomy, Come forward, Discretional, Discretionary, Do independently, Do voluntarily, Elective, Free, Free will, Gratuitous, Gratuitousness, Independence, Independent, Need no prodding, Nonmandatory, Offered, Optional, Proffered, Self-acting, Self-action, Self-active, Self-activity, Self-determination, Self-determined, Self-determining, Spontaneity, Spontaneous, Spontaneousness, Step forward, Unasked, Unbesought, Unbidden, Uncalled-for, Uncoerced, Uncompelled, Unforced, Unforcedness, Uninfluenced, Uninvited, Unpressured, Unprompted, Unrequested, Unrequired, Unsolicited, Unsought, Voluntariness, Voluntarism, Voluntary, Voluntaryism, Volunteer militia, Volunteer navy, Volunteering, Willful, Subject, Participant, Case, Client, Patient

How to use Volunteer in a sentence?

  1. Sometimes if you want to move up in your office you need to volunteer for the jobs no one wants to do.
  2. He volunteered for the job.
  3. Men are still required to register for the Selective Service System, in case enough dont volunteer to enter the Armed Forces, they can readily resume the draft.
  4. Last weekend volunteers undertook the painstaking task of cutting the grass around the base of each stone with scissors, in preparation for the restoration work.
  5. I wanted to do something that made me feel better about myself, something truly unselfish and I found the perfect thing to do, volunteer .

Meaning of Volunteer & Volunteer Definition