Definition of Voluntary:

  1. Created, given or traded on your account.

  2. Start with the custom process and choose between alternatives.

  3. Any legal reservations or nominal reservations only.

  4. Solo played before, during or after ■■■■■ service.

Synonyms of Voluntary

Exordium, Breakthrough, Elective, Prefix, Non-compulsory, Designed, Introduction, Unbesought, Meant, Prolegomena, Not required, Deliberate, Free will, Uninfluenced, Leap, Unpressured, Projected, Conative, Purposive, Open to choice, Prolepsis, Elected, Calculated, Contemplated, Volitional, Proposed, Premeditated, Vamp, Offered, Unforced, Discretional, Purposed, Self-determining, Willing, Envisaged, Foreword, Meditated, Aimed, Deliberated, Preliminary, Alternative, Intentional, Unprompted, Purposeful, Nonmandatory, Unsought, Unrequired, Chosen, Prolegomenon, Unsolicited, Uncoerced, Verse, Front matter, Preface, Uncompelled, Discretionary, Autonomous, Aimed at, Arbitrary, Studied, Dramatic overture, Up to the individual, Curtain raiser, Planned, Volunteer, Elective, Proffered, Proem, Vorspiel, Presupposition, Self-determined, Self-active, Overture, Advised, Spontaneous, Intended, Prefixture, Considered, Free, Prologue, Witting, At ones discretion, Preamble, Unbidden, Uncalled-for, Descant, Non-mandatory, Protasis, Optional, Innovation, Conscious, Operatic overture, Avant-propos, Unconstrained, Independent, Prelude, Uninvited, Willful, Unasked, Optional, Concert overture, Volitional, Disjunctive, Premise, Frontispiece, Postulate, Of design, Gratuitous, Unrequested, Envisioned, Self-acting, Discretionary, Knowing, Open, Teleological

How to use Voluntary in a sentence?

  1. Sometimes it's better to show people that you care about your work than to volunteer for a project at work.
  2. Lara Hayesad, supposedly in a low voice, but picked up the microphone and resonated throughout the church on volunteer organs.
  3. I acknowledge that this position is voluntary and I do not have to choose, so I have no reason to complain.
  4. We receive financial support through voluntary support.
  5. If no one wants to start a new project at work, you can volunteer to try it out and show that you have taken the initiative.

Meaning of Voluntary & Voluntary Definition

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