Voluntary Trust

Voluntary Trust,

Voluntary Trust Meanings:

  1. A voluntary trust is a type of living trust created during an administration and is also known as an intervening trust. In a voluntary trust, the trustee retains the legal ownership of the gift transferred to the recipient, even if the recipient has real rights and ownership and the ability to perform the actions of the administrator. A voluntary trust is also defined as an individual that is voluntarily collected and accepted by one person for the benefit of another. This is different from the coercive trust created by law.

Literal Meanings of Voluntary Trust


Meanings of Voluntary:
  1. A single organ paid before, during or after any service

  2. Created, given or executed voluntarily.

Sentences of Voluntary
  1. Lara whistled, thought to be in a low voice, but was picked up by a microphone and echoed by volunteer members through the church.

  2. We fund ourselves through voluntary partnerships

Synonyms of Voluntary

elective, at one's discretion, non-compulsory, non-mandatory, up to the individual, volitional, open to choice, not required, optional, open, discretionary


Meanings of Trust:
  1. Someone's reliability, accuracy, skill or someone's strength or firm belief in something.

  2. An arrangement in which a person (trustee) owns the property as a nominal owner for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries.

  3. A large company that owns the market or wants to gain monopoly control over the market.

  4. A hope or expectation.

Sentences of Trust
  1. I should never have believed that

  2. It is forbidden to trust a sailor.

  3. Relationships should be based on trust

  4. A trust is established

  5. He will use the rhetoric of progressive-era reform to turn the store itself and its supporters into investors, monopolies and trusts.

  6. My master lives with confidence in a flood

  7. All the big secrets of femininity

Synonyms of Trust

charge, assurance, believe in, certainty, credence, sureness, have faith in, protection, safe keeping, freedom from suspicion, faith, pin one's faith on, belief, conviction, have confidence in, pin one's hopes on, put one's trust in, confidence, care, keeping, freedom from doubt, custody, reliance, certitude, place one's trust in, have every confidence in