Voluntary termination

Voluntary termination,

Definition of Voluntary termination:

  1. Voluntary termination may refer to a variety of actions, but most commonly, it refers to an employee's decision to leave a job on their own accord. It differs from a layoff or a firing, in which the decision to end employment was made by the employer or another party, rather than the employee.

  2. A termination of employment initiated by the employee or by mutual agreement with the employer in which a letter of resignation is submitted. In most cases of voluntary termination, employees will provide notice of their intent to resign to allow for a more orderly transition of responsibilities.

  3. Voluntary termination can also be a reference to the voluntary cancellation of personal financial contracts, such as car leases or cell phone contracts, or the voluntary cancellation of institutional level contracts such as credit default swaps and interest rate swaps.

How to use Voluntary termination in a sentence?

  1. Choosing to end a contract early, such as with an Internet provider, is also referred to as a voluntary termination.
  2. Voluntary termination occurs when an employee makes the decision to leave a job or end a contract early.
  3. Voluntary termination is different from being fired, laid off, or downsized, as the decision is made by the employee, not the employer.
  4. Some firms downsizing ask for voluntary resignations in exchange for a better exit package, such as a bigger payout, health insurance, or other benefits.

Meaning of Voluntary termination & Voluntary termination Definition

Voluntary Termination,

Voluntary Termination Meanings:

Voluntary Termination refers to Voluntary termination can involve a number of actions, but often the employer decides to quit. This is different from dismissal or dismissal because the decision to terminate the employment relationship is made by the employer or another party, not the employee.

  • Voluntary termination occurs when an employee decides to leave the job or terminate the contract prematurely.
  • Voluntary leave is different from reducing leave, leave, or reduction, which is decided by the employee, not the employer.
  • Some downsizing companies are demanding discounts in exchange for better elimination plans, such as higher salaries, health insurance or other benefits.
  • The decision to terminate the contract prematurely, for example with an Internet service provider, is also known as voluntary termination.

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Meanings of Voluntary:
  1. A single organ paid before, after or after any service.

  2. Custom made, given or executed.

Sentences of Voluntary
  1. Lara whistled, thought in a low voice, but was picked up by a microphone and resonated in the church through volunteer organs.

  2. We fund ourselves through voluntary partnerships

Synonyms of Voluntary

volitional, non-compulsory, up to the individual, open to choice, elective, not required, discretionary, open, optional, at one's discretion, non-mandatory


Meanings of Termination:
  1. The act of bringing something in or removing it.

  2. The last letter or letter of a letter, especially if it is a derivative element or derivative.

  3. The end or result of a particular type.

Sentences of Termination
  1. Termination of contract

  2. Good result and welcome

Synonyms of Termination

stop, ending, breaking off, cutting short, winding up, end, conclusion, close, stopping, cessation, closing, discontinuation, discontinuance, stoppage, finish