Voluntary Conveyance

Voluntary Conveyance,

What is Voluntary Conveyance?

  • Voluntary transfer means the transfer of a person from one country to another without any proper consideration. Consideration refers to the expected return of property. Without it, the carrier must be prepared to declare the shipment legal.

Literal Meanings of Voluntary Conveyance


Meanings of Voluntary:
  1. A single organ paid before, during or after any service.

  2. Created, given or executed voluntarily.

Sentences of Voluntary
  1. Lara whistled, thought to be low, but was picked up by a microphone and echoed by volunteer members through the church.

  2. We fund ourselves through voluntary partnerships

Synonyms of Voluntary

optional, not required, up to the individual, elective, open to choice, non-mandatory, open, non-compulsory, volitional, at one's discretion, discretionary


Sentences of Conveyance
  1. The boats are built directly to transport the Charter of Democracy

  2. Safety measures that can be taken before transport is completed.

Synonyms of Conveyance

transfer, transport, movement, transportation, transference, granting, carrying, ceding, devolution, carriage, transferral, delivery