Voluntary Compliance

Voluntary Compliance,

What Does Voluntary Compliance Mean?

  • Voluntary compliance demonstrates the principle that citizens work with their governments to produce honest and accurate annual reports. The US tax system has assumed this, but not without supervision.

    • The United States government soon realized that it was impossible to review all tax returns.
    • Therefore, you must assume that the taxpayer is willing to do the best he can.
    • Checks and balances, such as W2 form, are enforced to prevent violations.

  • Our concept of a tax system is based on the fact that taxpayers are willing to pay the right amount of tax on time.

Literal Meanings of Voluntary Compliance


Meanings of Voluntary:
  1. Made, delivered or traded in their own account.

  2. Solo membership was paid before, during or after the service.

Sentences of Voluntary
  1. We receive financial support through voluntary support

  2. Lara Hydesid, reportedly in a low voice, but grabbed by a microphone and resonated throughout the volunteer body in the church.

Synonyms of Voluntary

optional, discretionary, at one's discretion, elective, non-compulsory, non-mandatory, not required, open, open to choice, volitional, up to the individual


Meanings of Compliance:
  1. The act or process of fulfilling a wish or command.

  2. When subjected to an applicable force, its property undergoes elastic deformation or changes in volume (gas). This is the opposite of harshness.

Sentences of Compliance
  1. Their cooperation or compliance should be ensured

  2. It looks good and has a good balance between rigidity and elasticity, but round shapes look weird compared to modern shapes.

Synonyms of Compliance

yielding, capitulation, agreement, acceptance, consent, accession, compliance