Volumetric Production Payment (VPP)

Volumetric Production Payment (VPP),

What is The Definition of Volumetric Production Payment (VPP)?

  1. Volumetric Production Payment (VPP) means: Volume Injury Production (VPP) payment is a type of systematic investment in which the owner of an oil or gas tariff sells or borrows money for a certain amount of field or property-related production. The investor or lender receives a fixed monthly fee, often on gross yield, which is purchased by the VPP buyer, or a percentage of the monthly yield on the property in question.

    • One way to convert a portion of oil or gas production into cash flow for investors is volumetric production payment (VPP).
    • The investor or buyer of a VPP is usually a financial institution or even an energy company that guarantees future oil or gas supplies.
    • A VPP seller is an oil or drilling company that can make money from its investment while retaining ownership of its property.

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