Volume Of A Trapezoidal Prism

Volume Of A Trapezoidal Prism

How do you get the volume of this zid paradigm? 3

Can you tell me the formula for finding the volume of this Tzooid prism?

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You can't always rely on formulas of every shape to tell your numbers directly. Sometimes you need to find a different way to explain why math is taught.

In this case, you can use the general formula for the volume of the parasite: Multiply the base area by the height (A = bh).

Imagine standing with this thing. Find the base area (a pair with 4, 4, 7, 6 and 8 units) and multiply the new height by 14.

The tzoid has a parallel base of 8 and 6 and a vertical height of 4. You get a volume of 392 CUC units.

Toside Prism Volume Formula

The best way to deal with prism is to imagine that you have a two-dimensional object and pretend to be three-dimensional by stacking layers on top of it.

So in that case your two-dimensional piece is Tzoid. We find the area of ​​the tzoid using the equation (1/2) (base1 + base2) (height)

So, in your picture, the base is 8 and 6, while the height is 4.

Connect and whisper!

(1/2) (8 + 6) (4)

(1/2) (14) (4)

(7) (4)


So this is a two-dimensional Tzoid, right? Very cool. . . Let's put some tea on top of each other. . . Your picture shows that you want to stack 14 of them.

So what is 28 times 14?

Your answer must be 392 cubic units!

Now since the area of ​​the zoidal face is 28 (8 + 6 = 14, 14/2 = 7, 7x4 (height) = 28) and 14 units in length, you can simply multiply the area of ​​the face by the length of the paradigm.

There you will find 28x14 which is 392.

That must be right ...


The previous answer is correct, but the general formula for Tzooid prism is LxHx [(B1 + B2) / 2].

Volume Of A Trapezoidal Prism