Definition of Volatile:

  1. Liable to change rapidly and unpredictably, especially for the worse.

  2. A volatile substance.

  3. Unstable, or varying frequently between extreme highs and lows.

  4. (of a substance) easily evaporated at normal temperatures.

  5. (of a computers memory) retaining data only as long as there is a power supply connected.

Synonyms of Volatile

Evaporative, Vaporous, Vaporescent, Tense, Strained, Fraught, Uneasy, Uncomfortable, Charged, Explosive, Eruptive, Inflammatory, Turbulent, In turmoil, Full of upheavals, Adrift, Afloat, Agitable, Airy, Alternating, Amorphous, Birdbrained, Birdwitted, Bouncy, Brittle, Bubbly, Buoyant, Capricious, Changeable, Changeful, Charged, Coquettish, Corruptible, Deciduous, Desultory, Deviable, Dizzy, Downy, Dying, Eccentric, Edgy, Effervescent, Ephemeral, Erratic, Eruptive, Ethereal, Evanescent, Evaporable, Evaporative, Expansive, Explosive, Faddish, Fading, Fast and loose, Featherbrained, Feathery, Fickle, Fitful, Fleeting, Flickering, Flighty, Flippant, Flirtatious, Flitting, Fluctuating, Fluffy, Fly-by-night, Flying, Foamy, Fragile, Frail, Freakish, Frivolous, Frothy, Fugacious, Fugitive, Giddy, Gossamery, Hair-trigger, Impermanent, Impetuous, Imponderous, Impulsive, Inconsistent, Inconstant, Indecisive, Infirm, Insubstantial, Irregular, Irresolute, Irresponsible, Leger, Light, Light as air, Light-minded, Lighter than vanity, Lubricious, Mazy, Mercurial, Momentary, Moody, Mortal, Mousse, Mutable, Nondurable, Nonpermanent, Passing, Perishable, Protean, Quicksilver, Rambling, Resilient, Restless, Roving, Scatterbrained, Sensitive, Shallow, Shallow-headed, Shallow-minded, Shallow-pated, Shallow-witted, Shapeless, Shifting, Shifty, Short-lived, Shuffling, Skittery, Skittish, Souffle, Spasmodic, Spineless, Startlish, Superficial, Temperamental, Temporal, Temporary, Tense, Ticklish, Toying, Transient, Transitive, Transitory, Unaccountable, Uncertain, Uncontrolled, Undependable, Undisciplined, Undurable, Unenduring, Unfixed, Unheavy, Unpredictable, Unprofound, Unreliable, Unrestrained, Unsettled, Unstable, Unstable as water, Unstaid, Unsteadfast, Unsteady, Vacillating, Vagrant, Vaporable, Vaporescent, Vaporizable, Vaporizing, Variable, Versatile, Vicissitudinary, Vicissitudinous, Volatilizable, Wandering, Wanton, Wavering, Wavery, Wavy, Wayward, Weightless, Whimsical, Wishy-washy, Yeasty

How to use Volatile in a sentence?

  1. Methyl acetate had the highest mean peak height of the selected volatiles, followed by acetic acid and then acetaldehyde.
  2. The chemical compound was so volatile that they needed to keep it in a steel container that they kept in a freezer.
  3. Volatile solvents such as petroleum ether, hexane, and benzene.
  4. When a compromised system is powered off, important information or evidence stored in volatile memory may be lost.
  5. Some people become volatile and have a very short temper if they are angry at someone about something, they often can become hostile.
  6. The travel agency encouraged the couple not to travel to Greece, as the government situation in that country was volatile and unpredictable from one day to the next.
  7. The political situation was becoming more volatile.

Meaning of Volatile & Volatile Definition


How Do You Define Volatile?

  1. Extreme and rapid fluctuations.

Meanings of Volatile

  1. (A substance) easily evaporates at normal temperatures.

  2. Ability to change quickly and unexpectedly, especially from bad.

  3. Save data (from computer memory) only when the power supply is connected.

  4. Fluctuating substances.

Sentences of Volatile

  1. Ups and downs. Solvents, such as petroleum ether, hexane and benzene.

  2. The political situation has become more unstable

  3. If the compromising system shuts down, important information or evidence stored in unstable memory may be lost.

  4. Methyl acetate is the average height of the selected fluctuating material, followed by stick acid and then acetaldehyde.


What is The Meaning of Volatile?

  • Tendency towards rapid and extreme fluctuations.

Meanings of Volatile

  1. Normal temperature fluctuates.

  2. This is likely to change rapidly and unexpectedly, especially for the worse.

  3. Receives data (from computer memory) only when the power supply is connected.

  4. Unstable substance

Sentences of Volatile

  1. Unstable solvents such as petroleum ether, hexane and benzene.

  2. The political situation becomes more unstable.

Synonyms of Volatile

hairy, labile, nail-biting, dodgy, white-knuckle, inflammable