Voided check

Voided check,

Definition of Voided check:

  1. A check rendered null and void for any purpose; one common reason that someone might void a check is so they can submit it to their employer to establish direct deposit. Additionally, voided checks are created in order to avoid fraud, such as preventing a check from being cashed when there is an error or discrepancy between the written value and the numeric value. Checks can be voided out by the payer by writing the word VOID in large letters on the face of the check, having the payer contact the issuing financial institution and informing them to stop payment, and/or tearing the check in half.

How to use Voided check in a sentence?

  1. The voided check was discarded appropriately and shredded as it could still be useful to a criminal if found on the street.
  2. It was a voided check that the man received from the employer and therefore would not work at all at a bank, or anywhere else.
  3. If you end up with a voided check it will be a big hassle to get a hold of the person who gave it to you to try and get your money.

Meaning of Voided check & Voided check Definition