Definition of Void:

  1. It is not legally or legally binding.

  2. Evacuation or evacuation (water, gas, etc.).

  3. It's completely empty.

  4. Explain that (something) is illegal or legally binding.

  5. Completely empty rooms.

  6. (Bridge and Holiday) A suit in which players do not receive cards.

  7. (In Bridge and Whistle) did not accept any particular type of card.

  8. As an illegal hearing agreement, it does not apply without the law or in any way with legal consequences. It should not be confused with cancellation, which indicates the invalidity of a reasonable agreement.

Synonyms of Void

Sphere, Leak, Bowdlerize, Gape, Unutilized, Short of, Clough, Cavity, Fissure, Coulee, Excrete, Thwart, Sweep out, Space, Unused, Buffer, Offset, Dike, Vacancy, Vitiate, Dissolve, Gap, Set aside, Pointless, Cancel out, Moat, Recant, Spatial extension, Dell, With nothing inside, Volume, In want of, Unpossessed of, Trench, Short, Clear off, Bereft of, Uninhabited, Space, Nothingness, Extension, Needing, Pass, Rift, Useless, Breadth, Unreality, Out of, Excavation, Unexisting, Shit, Null and void, Disannul, Forlorn of, Emit, Drain, Blank, Vacantness, Chap, Expurgate, Area, Breach, Featureless, Unfoul, Hollow, Emptiness, Bankrupt in, Counterbalance, Abbreviate, Blow out, Bland, Annihilate, Continuum, Without being, Clear, Acreage, Unoccupied, Nonreality, Proportion, Negative, Negativate, Stool, Render invalid, Expanse, Unrelieved, Null, Donga, Retract, Check, Without content, Withdraw, Throw out, Spread, Free, Crap, Omit, Delete, Revoke, Chasm, Denuded of, Abridge, Vacuous, Abyss, Bootless, Groove, Null and void, Cavity, Couloir, Slot, Barren, Desolate, Defecate, Vacant, Hole, Nonexistence, Reverse, Repealed, Without, Put aside, Abysm, Invalid, Joint, Abolish, Nonsubsistence, Cleuch, Idle, Overrule, Discharge, Expansion, Inoperative, Expunge, Dimension, Chink, Nonoccurrence, Strike, Dung, Field, Bring to naught, Clear the decks, Kill, Hiatus, Gulf, Bare, Flow, Renege, Bring to nothing, Empty, Lacking, Hole, Blot out, Vain, Gap, Negativeness, Scissure, Deserted, Countermand, Chasm, Defile, Make void, Minus, Rescinded, Measure, Ineffective, Erase, Wanting, Fault, Purge, Void of, Ditch, Surface, Non-viable, Not in force, Take a shit, Unfilled, Stultify, Incision, Empty space, Empty, Empty of, Niche, Exhaust, Abnegate, Clean slate, Absence, Override, Flume, Rescind, Gulf, Interstellar space, Tract, Canyon, Split, Strike out, Insipid, Evacuate, Blank, Annul, Not binding, Rime, White, Negate, Nonbeing, Destitute of, Missing, Ravine, Gash, Do away with, Unfilled, Gully, Col, Abrogate, Tabula rasa, Without contents, Number two, Chimney, Break, Come to nothing, Opening, Nullify, Nullified, Containing nothing, Eliminate, Nugatory, Superficial extension, Out of pocket, Revoked, Abandon, Give off, Scour out, Write off, Invalidate, Frustrate, Rub out, Annul, Nonexistent, Nonentity, Clear away, Negation, Unclog, Clear out, Vacuity, Unavailing, Nothing, Cwm, Vacant, Abolished, Unactuality, Blank space, Cross out, Crack, Scant of, Bare of, Devoid, Vent, Abyss, Vacuum, Infinite space, Strike off, Outer space, Neutralize, For want of, Kloof, Counterorder, Flaw, Ineffectual, Empty out, Suspend, Nihility, Futile, Shy of, Arroyo, Quash, Invalidate, Devoid of, Revoked, Wadi, Undo, Nullah, Clean out, Inoperative, Censor, Cancel, Blank, Blow, Bare, Vacuum, Invalid, Negativity, Nullity, Crevasse, Fracture, Eject, Worthless, Bleached, Pit, Ineffective, Deplete, Unblessed with, Place, Urinate, Null, Recall, Clear, Ca-ca, Crevice, Draw, In default of, Shy, Emptied, Disembogue, Remove, Rent, Seam, Gorge, Blue-pencil, Notch, Rupture, Existless, Inanity, Lacuna, Blankness, Deprivation, Waive, Box canyon, Unoccupied, Cancelled, Useless, Nullify, Expel, Empty space, Extent, Pour, Cranny, Vacate, Slit, Passage, Deprived of, Characterless, Valley, Edit out, Inane, Cut, Cleft, Furrow, Edit, Gulch, Barren, Galactic space, Repeal, Not-being

How to use Void in a sentence?

  1. There is a danger that one of your opponents will fail on this mission.
  2. Space around the tank.
  3. Hands with the same club are more likely than empty hands.
  4. The Supreme Court annulled the law.
  5. Black space
  6. The contract has been canceled.
  7. The gases in the mechanism are usually exhausted.

Meaning of Void & Void Definition


Void Definition:

  1. Without ineffective legal consequences. Various measures taken by the insured may invalidate the insurance coverage.

  2. For any reason stated in the policy, the insurance contract is exempt from legal implications. An example of a policy that can be terminated is when the information provided by the insurer is found to be incorrect.

  3. Another deadline to cancel.

  4. Agreements, contracts, documents, etc. Which is no longer legal or legal.

  5. This means that it is not applicable by law: a single action taken by the insurer can cause the insurance policy to expire.

Meanings of Void

  1. It is not legally or legally binding.

  2. It is completely empty.

  3. (In Bridge and Whistle) did not accept any particular type of card.

  4. Completely empty rooms.

  5. (In Bridge and Whistle) A suite in which players do not receive cards.

  6. Explain that (something) is illegal or legally binding.

  7. Evacuation or evacuation (water, gas, etc.)

Sentences of Void

  1. The contract has been canceled

  2. Space around the tank

  3. There is a danger that one of the opponents in this chase will be canceled

  4. Black vanity of the room

  5. Hands with only one suit are more likely than empty hands

  6. The Supreme Court annulled the law

  7. Gas is usually released into the mechanism