Voice Encryption

Voice Encryption

Speech encoding is defined as a function that allows a device to transmit digitized speech signals.

Literal Meanings of Voice Encryption


Meanings of Voice:
  1. A sound made by the mouth, especially when people speak or sing. The sound produced in this way has a certain quality or character.

  2. The sound created by the vibration of the vocal cords, loudness or intonation, intonation of pronunciation, differs from the simple sound of breathing, because it is heard with a whisper and deaf consonants.

  3. The sound or tone emitted by an object.

  4. The capacity or power of proclamation.

  5. What is reported? the meaning of the message.

  6. Expressed opinion, choice, will, desire, or right or ability to make or think such expression.

  7. Command rate.

  8. The one who speaks through a loudspeaker.

  9. A particular style or spelling that expresses a particular tone or sentiment.

  10. (Grammar) A particular way of refusing or conjugating a verb, or a particular form of a verb, indicating the relationship between the subject of the verb and the action expressed by the verb.

  11. Harmony, an independent vocal or instrumental role in a compositional work.

  12. (IRC) A flag associated with a user on a channel that determines whether they can send messages to the channel.

  13. Provide a statement or phrase to be able to publish, publish, announce.

  14. Speak out loud, with sound, don't just breathe.

  15. Adjust the hue to adjust and get the right tones.

  16. Vote for the nomination.

  17. Scream to scream.

  18. (IRC) Assign a voice tag to a user on IRC so that they can send messages to the channel.

  19. He acts as a dubbing actor to embody the character.

Sentences of Voice
  1. His deep voice enabled him to become bass in a choir.

  2. Develop your voice.

  3. The Latin verbal system has two voices: active and passive.

  4. The theme of this work constantly changes between the three voices.

  5. He expressed the feelings of the nation.

  6. Sound the pipes.


Meanings of Encryption:
  1. The process of obfuscating information to make it unreadable without special knowledge, key files, or passwords.

  2. Enciphered text, ciphertext, ciphertext. It is usually used with a preposition followed by the hidden meaning in it.

Voice Encryption