Definition of Vocational:

  1. Relating to an occupation or employment.

  2. Relating to an occupation or employment. This term is often used in conjunction with work that requires a specialized skill, training, or knowledge set, such as auto mechanics.

Synonyms of Vocational

Job-related, Work, Professional, Vocational, Employment, Business, Career

How to use Vocational in a sentence?

  1. They supervised prisoners in vocational activities.

Meaning of Vocational & Vocational Definition

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Vocational Meanings:

  1. This refers to a profession in which a person has received special training or special expertise.

Meanings of Vocational

  1. In connection with a job or position.

Sentences of Vocational

  1. Prisoners under professional supervision


What Does Vocational Mean?

The definition of Vocational is: This refers to a profession for which a person has received special training or in the fine arts.

Meanings of Vocational

  1. In connection with a profession or profession.

Sentences of Vocational

  1. Professionalism