Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation,

Definition of Vocational Rehabilitation:

An aspect of the general rehabilitation process that focuses on restoring the injured person's physical and mental abilities to perform their duties safely and effectively. This process usually leads to people with disabilities preventing them from returning to their place of employment without a permanent job change and is usually supervised by a professional counselor or therapist. In the event of accidents at work, the nature and scope of services provided to injured employees is determined by the Employee Compensation Act or other regulations.

Literal Meanings of Vocational Rehabilitation


Meanings of Vocational:
  1. In connection with a profession or job.

Sentences of Vocational
  1. Supervised inmates during professional activities

Synonyms of Vocational

business, vocational, career, professional, employment, job-related, work


Meanings of Rehabilitation:
  1. Restoration of a person's health or normal life through training and therapy after imprisonment, drug addiction or illness.

Sentences of Rehabilitation
  1. Going to recovery and leaving in three weeks