Viva voce

Viva voce,

Definition of Viva voce:

  1. Orally rather than in writing.

  2. Ballot conducted with voice vote.

  3. Oral witness testimony. Latin for, with living voice.

  4. (especially of an examination) oral rather than written.

  5. An oral examination, typically for an academic qualification.

Synonyms of Viva voce

Tacit, Implicit, Unvoiced, Silent, Implied, Taken for granted, Accepted, Recognized, Understood, Unrecorded, Articulate, Articulated, Enunciated, Lingual, Linguistic, Nuncupative, Oral, Orally, Parol, Pronounced, Said, Sonant, Sounded, Speech, Spoken, Unwritten, Uttered, Verbal, Verbally, Vocal, Vocalized, Vocally, Voiced, Voiceful, Test, Exam, Paper, Question paper, Oral, Practical, Assessment

How to use Viva voce in a sentence?

  1. Candidates may be called for a viva voce.
  2. We had better discuss this viva voce.
  3. A viva voce examination.

Meaning of Viva voce & Viva voce Definition