Definition of Vitiate:

  1. Spoil or impair the quality or efficiency of.

  2. To impair or invalidate in part or in full; make void or voidable.

Synonyms of Vitiate

Ruin, Wreck, Destroy, Upset, Undo, Mess up, Make a mess of, Dash, Sabotage, Scupper, Scotch, Torpedo, Blast, Vitiate, Abate, Abolish, Abrogate, Adulterate, Alloy, Annihilate, Annul, Bastardize, Blemish, Bring to nothing, Brutalize, Buffer, Cancel, Cancel out, Canker, Cheapen, Coarsen, Come to nothing, Confound, Contaminate, Corrupt, Corrupted, Counterbalance, Damage, Debase, Debauch, Debauched, Defile, Deflower, Degenerate, Degrade, Delete, Demoralize, Denature, Deprave, Depraved, Depreciate, Depress, Desecrate, Despoil, Destroy, Devalue, Diminish, Distort, Downgrade, Frustrate, Harm, Hurt, Impair, Infect, Invalidate, Lower, Mar, Misuse, Negate, Negativate, Negative, Neutralize, Nullify, Offset, Pervert, Perverted, Poison, Pollute, Prejudice, Prostitute, Quash, Ravage, Ravish, Reduce, Revoke, Ruin, Soil, Spoil, Stultify, Sully, Suppress, Taint, Tarnish, Thwart, Twist, Ulcerate, Undermine, Undo, Violate, Vitiated, Void, Vulgarize, Warp, Weaken, Withdraw

How to use Vitiate in a sentence?

  1. Development programs have been vitiated by the rise in population.

Meaning of Vitiate & Vitiate Definition