Vitamina Para Engordar Caseiro

Vitamina Para Engordar Caseiro

Homemade vitamins as weight gain! ۔

Hello everyone! Malnutrition and discomfort I adopted a kitten! We sprayed, the babies got fat and the babies didn't show up anymore, but unfortunately the baby was so heavy that he could eat or treat like medicine! Or how much of a problem, but let's wait, but it would be awesome ... I give 1 line of dry root fillets and whiskey fillets daily, doubling the hemolytic vitamin IM daily and daily! I know there is a prescription for Vitamin Box)! She won't finalize for another 3 months!

Look, my mother adopted a filter under the same conditions, it's a cacron, it wasn't an egg recipe, but we can say that our cactus, my mom cooks or Kings Baby Food, it cooked well. It is windy, without salt. Apples Rice and carrots, finely chopped carrots, and chicken liver are cooked together, making delicious potatoes, the liver is full of iron and does not leave the intestines loose or the intestines because apples, carbohydrates increase weight and rice Are delicious with Fresh increase in stomach ..

My friend tried to like it, but others can send me emails, or my Kakreen veterinarian has congratulated my mother and I'm sure she saved him.

Kisses and good, like this

Hello .. Congratulations on the adoption :)

Look, I caught a cat that is very malnourished!

Congratulations on the treatment of Hello Kitty !!! I found this prescription which was used to help cats recover from the treatment.

1 tablespoon honey (pure) to taste.

1/2 denonin.

Glycopene 5 drops in the stomach.

Beat all the ingredients, except honey or honey, to pass the baby's food without giving time. The recipe can be used as a daily dietary supplement, but the cat should be fed based on its diet.

Relationships or years of angst, since you have never been able to use ketoconazole, you will not learn corn vinegar two ang. I had flattened with NGOs and I used either vinegar (boiler with cotton) with good results.

Good type

Colloquium Glicopan alone is an excellent dietary supplement for all animals. h Found in huts or pets.

Cats need a diet rich in protein and fat, so it is important to mix eggs and sardines, or the cat eats it.

Vitamina Para Engordar Caseiro