Definition of Visit:

  1. Go to see and spend time with (someone) socially.

  2. Inflict (something harmful or unpleasant) on someone.

  3. Request for documents (webpages) from a single user or site for the first time that day, or during some other predetermined period. A single visit to a website usually generates several hits. Also called a session.

  4. An act of going or coming to see a person or place socially, as a tourist, or for some other purpose.

Synonyms of Visit

Happen to, Overtake, Befall, Come upon, Fall upon, Hit, Strike, Social call, Call, Admit, Affect, Afflict, Appear, Assail, Assister, Attack, Attend, Avenge, Barge in, Be admitted, Be at, Be closeted with, Be present at, Befall, Bother, Break in, Breeze in, Burst in, Bust in, Call, Call on, Call upon, Catch, Causerie, Chat, Chin, Colloque, Come barging in, Come breezing in, Come busting in, Come by, Come in, Come over, Come to, Coze, Cozy chat, Creep in, Cross the threshold, Crowd in, Descend upon, Do, Drop in, Drop in on, Duty visit, Edge in, Enter, Fall upon, Force, Formal visit, Frequent, Friendly chat, Gain admittance, Gam, Get in, Go in, Go into, Go to, Gossip, Have an entree, Have an in, Heart-to-heart talk, Hie to, Hop in, Impose, Inflict, Insert, Intrude, Irrupt, Jam in, Jump in, Little talk, Look in, Look on, Look up, Mad round, Make conversation, Make the scene, Pack in, Pain, Pay a visit, Pop in, Prattle, Press in, Prittle-prattle, Punish, Push in, Put in, Repair to, Required visit, Reside, Resort to, Run in, Scourge, See, Seize, Set foot in, Show up, Sit in, Slip in, Smite, Social call, Social round, Social whirl, Sojourn, Squeeze in, Stay, Step in, Stop, Stop by, Stop off, Stop over, Stopover, Take in, Talk, Tarriance, Tarry, Tete-a-tete, Thrust in, Tittle-tattle, Trouble, Turn up, Visitation, Visiting, Watch, Wedge in, Witness, Work in, Wreak, Wreck, Yarn, Pay someone a call, Pay someone a visit, Pay a call on, Pay a visit to, Go to see, Come to see, Look in on

How to use Visit in a sentence?

  1. I came to visit my grandmother.
  2. The mockery visited upon him by his schoolmates.
  3. A visit to the doctor.

Meaning of Visit & Visit Definition