What Does Vision Mean?

  • Limited spending policy. Offers eye care benefits and eye care accessories. It usually offers a dollar amount, as shown by the annual eye examination. Benefits usually include the amount of dollars shown for glasses and contact lenses. The benefits of surgery for eye injuries or disorders may include:

Meanings of Vision

  1. To offer.

  2. Ability or state of sight.

  3. Ability to think or plan for the future with imagination or wisdom.

  4. Seeing someone or something else in a dream or in a trance or experiencing supernatural determination.

  5. A spectacle of a person or extraordinary beauty.

Sentences of Vision

  1. We saw a small lawn surrounded by trees

  2. She has ametropia

  3. The organization lost its vision and direction

  4. The idea came to him in a vision

  5. The woman is a vision in black velvet

Synonyms of Vision

inventiveness, hallucination, visual perception, perceiving , eyes , sight , sensation, picture, sharpness, imagination, faculty of sight, image, apparition, manifestation, mirage, perception , view , inspiration, eyesight, vision of loveliness, penetration, delight, innovation, far-sightedness, marvel, ghost, shadow, illusion, insight

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What is Vision?

The limited spending policy offers eye care benefits and eye care accessories. It usually offers a dollar amount, as shown by the annual eye examination. Benefits usually include dollars for glasses and contact lenses. Surgical benefits may include eye-related injuries or diseases.

Meanings of Vision

  1. Faculty or visual condition

  2. The experience of seeing someone or something in a dream or in a trance or as a supernatural phenomenon.

  3. An extraordinarily beautiful person or spectacle.

  4. imagining.

Synonyms of Vision

looker, spook, powers of observation, bodach, awareness, perceptiveness, prescience, shade, peach, power of sight, perspective, discernment, honey, wight, joy, eidolon, cleverness, knockout, spectre, feast for the eyes, smasher, duppy, power of seeing