Vision Snowboard

Vision Snowboard

Are Vision Snowboards Good? 3

I've been snowboarding for a while now and I usually know what's right [like rom and fo], but at first glance I can't find any useful information. I don't care about shoes, I only care about boards.

No, it's rubbish, it's not quality, and I don't think there's a company behind it now, it's just a name. I will stay away from them and pay less for the company's board members who will help them.

Snowboard Vision

Vision, as you probably know, started out as a skateboarding company. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. I don't like to hit and I know I've never ridden a bike before, but I imagine if they offered me a choice of board, that would be my last vision.

Beautiful view from the snowboard

I think you'll be fine until you get a little better.

Vision Snowboard