Visible Supply

Visible Supply,

What is Visible Supply?

  1. Visible offer is the quantity of goods or items that are currently stored or transported and available for purchase or sale. This delivery is important because it indicates the specific quantity of an item that will be available for purchase or delivery at the time of future contract. For example, grain or whole wheat stored in a warehouse and wheat carried by cattle are part of the visible stock.

    • Visible offers predict the quantity of goods or the sale of assets or are currently available.
    • In the stock market, as in the case of municipal bonds, the visible offer corresponds to the full dollar volume of municipal bonds that will mature in at least 13 months, with market entry expected in the next 30 days.
    • Visible offers indicate market offers.

Literal Meanings of Visible Supply


Meanings of Visible:
  1. It can be seen.

  2. With regard to import or export of material products.

Sentences of Visible
  1. The church tower is visible for miles

  2. A visible commercial space


Meanings of Supply:
  1. Give it to someone (whatever you need or want).

  2. Resource inventory from which a person or place can obtain the required amount of resources.

Sentences of Supply
  1. Provides apples to the form cedar maker

  2. It is feared that the drought will limit water supply.

Synonyms of Supply

storehouse, donate, impart, hoard, mass, cache, afford, stockpile, pile, make available, reservoir, come up with, reserve, bestow, lay on, furnish, repository, grant, stock, contribute, give, endow, collection, store, proffer, heap, provide