Definition of Virtual:

  1. Almost or nearly as described, but not completely or according to strict definition.

  2. General: Having most properties, the appearance, essence, or effect, of something without being that thing.

  3. Computing: Feature or operation that does not exist but appears to be so. For example, a RAM disk is actually a partition of a computers random access memory but acts and is seen like a real disk. See also transparent.

Synonyms of Virtual

Effective, In effect, Near, Near enough, Essential, Practical, For all practical purposes, To all intents and purposes, In all but name, Indirect, Implied, Implicit, Unacknowledged, Tacit, Accepted, Basic, Between the lines, Constructive, Covert, Cryptic, Delitescent, Dormant, Effective, Esoteric, Essential, Fundamental, Hibernating, Hidden, Latent, Lurking, Muffled, Mystic, Obfuscated, Obscured, Occult, Possible, Potential, Practical, Sleeping, Submerged, Under the surface, Underlying, Understood, Unmanifested, Veiled

How to use Virtual in a sentence?

  1. Thomas Campbell, a NASA physicist, thinks that our reality is more like a virtual one than an actual, independent, physical one.
  2. The virtual absence of border controls.
  3. Sometimes your business may want to try a virtual experiment to see how something will play out before investing in it.
  4. When I think of explaining ideas of alternate ways of life I often consider using virtual reality as a tool to explain my dreams and imagination.

Meaning of Virtual & Virtual Definition

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