Virtual Switch

Virtual Switch

A virtual switch provides three main functions for communicating in a virtualized environment: switching, security controls, and transparency. A virtual switch provides inter-instance communication in a virtualized environment without having to communicate through standard physical switches connected to virtualized servers.

Literal Meanings of Virtual Switch


Meanings of Virtual:
  1. A virtual member function of a class.

  2. Real or entity, if not real or simulated, simulated reality.

  3. Have freedom of movement or invisible efficiency without the interference of the material or the measurable potential of the part.

  4. Almost practical. (A relatively recent development of meaning).

  5. Modeling on a computer or online.

  6. Control via computer or cyberspace not physically present.

  7. (class member) Can be overridden by another implementation in a subclass.

  8. About particles in transition state due to Heisenberg's uncertainty principle.

Sentences of Virtual
  1. A real defeat on the battlefield, Tet became a real victory for the north because of his influence on public opinion.

  2. The angry peasants formed a virtual army by attacking the castle.

  3. The virtual world of his computer game allowed characters to communicate with each other.

  4. Virtual Assistant is a virtual personal trainer.


Meanings of Switch:
  1. Sometimes a bundle of thin sticks, usually made of wood, is tied together in such a way that the mountain can be moved, changing its strength.

  2. A device for turning on and off or directing the flow of electricity.

  3. Change or exchange.

  4. A movable section of track that allows a train to continue to one of the two destination points on the track (ensemble).

  5. The thin stem of a plant used as a whip. A slender and agile tribe associated with corporal punishment in the US.

  6. Command line format to specify optional behavior.

  7. A programming construct that performs different actions depending on the value of an expression.

  8. A network device that connects multiple cables and, if possible, allows them to communicate simultaneously. Compared to a less efficient hub that only duplicates network packets on each wire.

  9. System, equipment or other specialized switching equipment that allows a calling telephone line to be connected to a called line.

  10. A mechanism in DNA that turns a gene on or off.

  11. () One who is willing to play a submissive or dominant role in a relationship.

  12. A single mass or braid of hair or any substance (such as burlap) similar to hair once worn on a woman's head.

  13. Getting angry suddenly in order to get angry quickly or inappropriately.

  14. Shake or whip.

  15. It refers to walking with the front and hind legs upside down from the normal position.

  16. On the flip side.

Sentences of Switch
  1. Use the /b switch to specify and white printing.

  2. 2004, Kurt, can I use IF statements when using radio buttons? (in the microsoft.public.word.mailmerge.fields newsgroup).

Virtual Switch