Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality,

Virtual Reality Meanings:

  • You can define Virtual Reality as, Virtual reality (VR) describes a computer-generated simulation in which a person can communicate in an artificial triangular environment with the help of electronic devices such as screens or special glasses such as gloves. In this artificial environment, consumers can have a realistic experience.

    • Virtual reality (VR) creates a lot of artificial worlds that look very real using technology.
    • Through the virtual reality viewer, users can look down, or in any direction, as if they were really there.
    • There are many uses for virtual reality, including entertainment and games, or they serve as sales, educational or training tools.

  • A three-dimensional (3D) computer-generated image or experience that looks real to viewers.

Literal Meanings of Virtual Reality


Meanings of Virtual:
  1. Almost or almost as stated, but not in full or in strict definition.

Sentences of Virtual
  1. Lack of practical border control

Synonyms of Virtual

implied, implicit, in all but name, essential, near, tacit, in effect, practical, near enough, unacknowledged, effective, for all practical purposes, to all intents and purposes, indirect


Meanings of Reality:
  1. The status of the world or the state as it is, is against their ideal or hypothetical concept.

  2. The condition or state of matter.

Sentences of Reality
  1. Refusal to face reality

  2. Youth when there is no reality of death

Synonyms of Reality

real life, actuality, the real world