Virtual Good

Virtual Good,

Virtual Good:

  • Virtual goods are immovable assets that are traded in a virtual economy like online games. By definition, virtual goods are not physical. Its price is determined by what the consumer is willing to pay for it.

    • Virtual goods In a virtual economy, like online games, there are non-refundable assets.
    • The virtual goods market has exploded in recent years, with annual sales estimated at more than 15 15 billion.
    • The blurring between physical and virtual goods may fade in the coming years as transactions between physical and virtual goods become more common.

Literal Meanings of Virtual Good


Meanings of Virtual:
  1. Almost or nearly as stated, but not completely or strictly.

Sentences of Virtual
  1. Lack of practical border control

Synonyms of Virtual

implicit, implied, practical, in all but name, effective, unacknowledged, indirect, tacit, near, near enough, essential, in effect, to all intents and purposes, for all practical purposes


Meanings of Good:
  1. Okay fine

  2. Which is morally fair.

  3. Someone's benefit or advantage.

  4. Like or Approve

  5. They have the features required for special tasks.

  6. Possessing or displaying moral virtue.

  7. Provides pleasant or satisfying happiness.

  8. Filled.

  9. (Of the ticket) is correct.

  10. It is used in conjunction with the name of God, or phrases related to it, such as statements of extreme shock or anger.

Sentences of Good
  1. The mysterious balance between good and evil

  2. He persuaded his father to use his talents for the benefit of humanity

  3. Good quality of life

  4. The school here is good

  5. I met a lot of good people who embarrassed me for my own shortcomings.

  6. The streets are full of people who want to have fun

  7. Look around

Synonyms of Good

convivial, enjoyment, dignity, festive, anti-corruption, uprightness, ethical, fine, unbribable, congenial, advantage, incorruptible, sound, nice, agreeable, honourable, righteous, principled, convenience, right-minded, superior