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Virtual Card,

What Does Virtual Card Mean?

  • A virtual card is a digital form of your physical credit card and has a unique card number stored in a digital wallet. Learn more about Apple Pay Apple Learn more about Apple Pay Google Learn more about Google Pay Google Google Learn more about Google Pay Samsung Samsung Learn more about Samsung Pay Samsung Samsung Learn more about Samsung Pay

Literal Meanings of Virtual Card


Meanings of Virtual:
  1. Almost or nearly as stated, but not completely or strictly.

Sentences of Virtual
  1. Lack of practical border control

Synonyms of Virtual

implicit, in all but name, essential, indirect, for all practical purposes, unacknowledged, implied, practical, effective, in effect, tacit, near enough, to all intents and purposes, near


Meanings of Card:
  1. Write (something) on ​​the cards, mainly for indexing.

  2. Check (this person's) ID card, especially as proof of age of alcoholism.

  3. Thin, hard and dense paper or cardboard that is especially used for writing or hiding.

  4. A small rectangular piece of plastic issued by a bank that contains personal information in a machine-readable form and is primarily used to collect cash or credit.

  5. A play card.

  6. Summary for Extension Cards

  7. Race Track Events Program.

  8. Someone who is considered strange.

  9. Comb and clean (raw wool, linen fiber or similar material) with a sharp toothed tool to break the fibers before spinning.

  10. Tool or dental machine for combing and cleaning raw fibers before spinning.

Sentences of Card
  1. The recorded information is then verified by a separate test.

  2. We have a patent on the entrance of the club

  3. Some were written on note cards

  4. Your card cannot be used to withdraw more than your daily limit at ATMs

  5. Playing cards

  6. Connect your cable modem and connect it to the PCI / PCMCIA bridge from your home and use the wireless PCMCIA card in all your desktop and laptop computers.

  7. Card nine run

Synonyms of Card

stiff paper, debit card, cash card, swipe card, pasteboard, cardboard, credit card, playing card, board