Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant,

What is The Meaning of Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant refers to A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who provides administrative services to their clients while working in the client's office. Virtual assistants usually work from head office, but can remotely access important planning documents such as shared calendars.

  • Virtual Assistant is a freelance company that specializes in providing administrative services to home office users, usually from a remote location.
  • General tasks that virtual assistants perform include scheduling appointments, making calls, arranging trips, and managing email accounts.
  • Some virtual assistants specialize in providing graphic design, blogging, accounting, social media and marketing services.
  • For employers, one of the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant is that they can only hire their own services.

Literal Meanings of Virtual Assistant


Meanings of Virtual:
  1. Almost or almost as stated, but not in full or in strict definition.

Sentences of Virtual
  1. Lack of practical border control

Synonyms of Virtual

essential, effective, practical, for all practical purposes, indirect, near, implicit, in all but name, in effect, unacknowledged, near enough, implied, to all intents and purposes, tacit


Meanings of Assistant:
  1. Someone who is subordinate to the parents.

Sentences of Assistant
  1. CEO and Deputy

Synonyms of Assistant

second in command, personal assistant, junior, right-hand woman, second, deputy, attendant, apprentice, auxiliary, aide, mate, PA, subordinate, number two, wingman, right-hand man, lieutenant