Virgo Vs Libra Fight

Virgo Vs Libra Fight

Virgo vs. Lee: Will we win? 3

Well about five minutes ago my cousin was a brother and they were beating and shaking but they stopped him, what do you think he will win?

Bigger and bigger than Lee, Kanya thinks about his surroundings, but Lee is more aggressive and goes back to everything he could think of.


My virgin sister bit me last year. He is old and does not bother hahaha, I am also tough.

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Any sign can be a living force, because power is not defined by money. However, intimidation can play an important role in winning as it can frighten the opponent and also fight back.

I will use myself as an example for Lee, but it is unfair in my opinion that I was born to Lee and Kanya in the morning (seriously, it is live in the morning ... Some sites will say I am a virgin, others will say I am a virgin). I read...). I also have the moon that symbolizes the earth. Yes.

The Lee I know isn't particularly scary. Virgins are not difficult either. At least not in my experience. But I have an example of Virgo vs. Lee ... this is me and my brother. Oh my little virgin brother is always very angry. She's my sister (cancer), my sister's friend (Gemini) and my cousin (Torres) are angry ... gone. . I know he's afraid of me because I'm so aggressive and he knows I can beat him any more. However, he is only 14 (approximately 15) years old and I am 17 years old. But even my cousin (Torres) is definitely stronger than me, I say scared and usually try not to push myself.

I feel like an exception for Lee, stupid, just because I'm Lee's peak with the Earth Moon. It's not enough Li. : P But I have it all. I never saw a fight between Lee and Kanya.

Virgo will win because lace usually calms down and calms down quickly. You can easily avoid unnecessary collisions. But if Lee is severely affected, nothing in this world can stop his brutal and painful violence. In case of severe damage, let Lee cool down. MDR

Why am I saying this? Les experienced a great deal of fear and aggression. After the bubble burst, it was not comfortable at all.

Virgo Vs Libra Fight

Virgo Vs Libra Fight

Virgo will probably win because most virgins use facts and logic to express their point of view, which makes their arguments solid and almost impossible. On the other hand, most of the Lis whom I have met also do not support their arguments and often back up with incorrect or incorrect information in order to appear more confident and direct. However, in physical combat, strength is not determined by money, so it depends on the person. However, some stereotypes about money can also determine whether a person is aggressive, which is why money always contributes to the physical struggle.

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Virgo vs. Lee: Will we win?

Well about five minutes ago my cousin was there and he was hitting back and forth and shaking but he stopped him, what do you think he will get?

Bigger and taller than Lee, the virgin thinks of her return, but Lee is more aggressive and will return ...

Virgo Vs Libra Fight

Virgo Vs Libra Fight

For example, I'm very aggressive and I hit ■■■■■■■ a girl (Lee), but when it comes to a real fight I laugh and can't take it seriously.

As far as I know, virgins do not have an aggressive nature (and they are not conciliatory), but virgins are very clean and perfectionist and this virgin boy I met is about fighting other boys. Talks, but he takes everything to his friends and then to him. She went to fight and didn't even come to take care of me about virgins and fights.

My last answer is read because if you are really angry with it, they will and yes ...

It all depends on your month (for verbal fights), your moon sign = your reaction to the situation, I have moon in mesh so my emotions are a bit harsh and Ima Li Sun, but physical fights I depend on it ss :)

Virgos are boring and will also benefit from their speech and power ... Lotus calms down easily and virgins can lose their stability.

Virgo Vs Libra Fight