Virgo Rising Appearance

Virgo Rising Appearance

Is Virgo so influential? ۔

What is the effect of Virgo? :)

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Oh yeah! The sun star

Aries Moon: D

(It comes from my personal experience)

Coming and going virgins have small facial features, almost like dolls. Long eyelashes, soft hair, well-formed scalp, fine eyes, bright eyes and beautiful skin.

I'm a little jealous of you for being a nest.

I have the same location as yours! The Assumption of Sunset, Moonfish and Virgin. (Women)

Well, I'm very tall, I have no weaknesses, as other answers show I'm not fragile and I don't always look so strong. Her hair is black, naturally silky, very straight, of medium thickness and straight. Naturally good for sports (probably due to my low sunlight), normal weight but fairly round, long fingers, left hand. I have a normal nose, my lips complement me so I think they are beautiful, I also like normal size eyes hahaha. Oh, and I have dimples, I don't know if it's common in Virgo Ascension or just Genetics, but yeah ... I don't know what else to add. For example, help

The faces of the virgins who climb up are thin, weak. Nurse hair and brown or gray eyes are common. They are thinner in their youth, but tend to gain weight with age, especially in the abdominal area. The legs are short and point inwards.

Of course, other signs affect your appearance, one example being your sun.

I am a virgin and on the rise I think you know what I am looking for.

@ music_247

I think I have a nice, feminine and even sweet. I'm not so sure about the color of my eyes and legs, it seems to be getting a little worse, I agree with everything you say.

Note that the Sun / Moon / Mercury signs [which are 33% of the Sun's signs] are predominant.

Virgo Rising Appearance