Virgem E Touro

Virgem E Touro

Compatibility between Virgo (She) and Taurus (She)?

I am interested in other people and I want to take the time to empower myself. Or the problem is that we would like to have a normal, straightforward and scheduled schedule, while the MetDars just got involved, but not like their time. But I know you like it, Kanya finally heard this side and anyone can support it.


How to be ...

Calm, patient, caring, calm expresses himself personally. It's hard for someone to throw it away, but even when ... it comes from below. It takes you a while to get there, but it's worth it if you live. However, most of the time, she is a good girl, friendly and takes care of her loved ones. In addition, he has a lot of sensitivity, technical skills and a lot of emotion. Both are masters of first things and people. She likes to eat food and should be careful not to get fat.

How to love ...

You know how to be the best girlfriend, and not Dola in your love. Sexually, emotionally, using and abusing Garuto's charms to conquer. I don't like it, he likes to look romantic, subdued, he deserves to meet us by candlelight and belly. When he dies, he renounces values, because he grows and owns it.

You were boyish, romantic and apocalyptic, and didn't even intend to be in a proper relationship.

With Comna: Taurus, Virgo, Cameron, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

How to win it:

Always keep beautiful and vibrant peas. It tastes great and is very sexual. It appeals to all five senses: talk softly, be an imaginary cheetah, be Carina, get in and be possible, cook for her or take her to the lancet, but she loves to eat.


Boy ... he's restless, a little crazy, and it can be hard to show emotion. Detailed and demanding, right? I'm afraid to give up. It has a practical, realistic feel to it and can be very romantic. You know, he knows how to communicate with all of you who are part of the other girl and he's smart.

How to love:

There is a lot of dedication to Vocatodica and when you are in love, the face of the locust or the boy will be happy. On the other hand, I am also demanding and perfect. * As it grows, the strait becomes more difficult. In fact, he may be embarrassed and it is not difficult to express his feelings. It does not support a dirty, poorly cultivated, abused or illiterate man. I prefer OS, but I'm sure it's bad bye.

To be associated with a voice or a boy, you need to be busy, romantic, intelligent and sensitive.

With Comna: Virgo, Taurus, Cameron, Cancer, Scotch and Pisces.

How to conquer it.

You may need to take the initiative in the Zyoko race, but be cool and tactful. Look and see, he's shy and hates backsliding girls or anything. First of all, show that you are intelligent and communicative, gaining trust and friendship and interest even after the stream. Look good, dress well, eat some feta and fix your hair, you can do it.

Because only the terra indicates how people find a way to desire a relationship

With all my sincerity, from Iano Torino to the virgin or friends and more, having the Bell sisters and some of them bothers me. More Torno are like the best and most loyal friends in the world, more like virgins. With the lost virgin I must say that bulls © © plastic virgins © àim࣠names never touch each other

bejssssssssssssssss good art !!!!!

I've heard that Taurus is Virgo's paradise, but I don't know what that means ...

Virgem E Touro

Virgem E Touro

You don't like to do everything on time, while Ryan needs to hurry, as it is. It can be more or less cool because you have to be prepared to give up some things. 3 hearts and a half

Virgo X-Toro.

Turin patiently and calmly to the completion of Iano. The main feature of the relationship between the Orient is the traces of the earth in order to give it an essential appearance. You cannot exclude impossible things, impossible proofs of love and ideals.

To trust me, I will be the highlight of the relationship. Also, Ian loves that no one knows you as a stand-up comedian and austere as before Karen, something that fights fast or does very well. Another strong point of the relationship is to be careful to go where you need to go. So far, he uses one or the other to develop or support certain tasks. These essential signs are the best companions and components inside and outside the relationship. Or the strong character of Virgo © مت unites a Taurus in identity or desire, and we can draw evidence of its toughness. They are loved at home, their well-being is offered, and they enjoy the same in movies. They have and many more that appear. The balance of goods and emotions.

I assure you, we can take your name

I can

Kind of good

It is normal for us to be bored, I also have a perfectionist and observant attitude and Belfites are the most romantic and scary, yes I want to find something for myself and give up easily.

Yes credit and it can be given should not be a sign of intolerance..but it does not mean that you will stay together for a long time or not, there is no title to see ۔ There is another around .. then frustration, why not or any sign of it except looking at every aspect of the relationship that can not be maintained.


Credit or not but or Bell will take with the virgin

Virgem E Touro