Vim Ou Vir

Vim Ou Vir

When to come and use

Like: When is she coming? o When will he leave?

This is a legal, more doubtful than final, construc â â I will come here tomorrow like, € € Lee like I have come here then here € etc. It is common to hear constructions.

Once and for all, the شخص € vimà ⠀  © verb sing € Virà â پہلے gives a pedo (signaling) in the first person. im: â € œ I came to your house yesterday. Eat the right way to use œ ÃâvimÃâ use. Of course you have to stand up for the Norma sect.

Verbal words

In verbal locations, or the last inconsistent verb must stand (ààI'll be here tomorrow), porter  © à © â € € virus à that appears. Also note that â € œ you will come although, although it is a construction or correct, is often an uncomfortable verb or forum for a verb which means خلاف will come and will come against ioRio. € "€ Â).

In this construction, however, to form € œ âwillâ â (verb â € will â ka na, na â œ walkœ €, a € fAfariendo of a dot or verb € € âwillâ €., In this case,  © an auxiliary verb Without the current era, the verb idro ia ia (à ¢ â € â € € à à کل کل کل Mer Mer Mer Mer Mer Mer Mer Mer Mer Mer  ⠀ â

Easy subjunctive

Simple subjective, usually preceded by the subject "if" (conditional) or "when" (temporary), or the verb "vero" to form "four Ã". im: â € œ If I tomorrow Friday, ... â € â € hen when fr ... â € etc.

Be careful how you create a 'me transfer' when I transfer. They exist, yes, but they ca œœÃÃà œœÃÃà ca ca ca ca ca ca ca ca ca ca €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ I am , Verb of € œverÃâ. im: â € âLetâ ™ ™ s Vote together again, ... â € or € € œ if you have a movie.


Or just explore the interrelationship of the verb toro do sub injective perfect in the past perfect tense. Collective or verb in question in یا or in the pretta ritual perfect atÃgar © © to arrive; Once this is done, remove the final ending â € amà €  (dog â € "am = fr). That way, you'll get the first person singular form first. Im:" It was Friday. If either the pit verb or â â will appear €, we have â € â that virus ((they see â € œ um = come). Im: â € œ it was removed.

Check with the second verb (put them put am = put if I put // they want wanted wanted = want if I want).

Vim Ou Vir

Vim Ou Vir

Come or come?

VIR © V infinitive and VIM © person The first single form of perfect stress: the € If he does not want to VnÃtra £ har â تو should come only in the next week ■■■■■■

Such as punishment. â œ â I will not come € and he will come tomorrow is absolutely or absolutely unacceptable. Serious cases of a serious nature: "I will do VIR" and "I will do VIRÃ". "I will not come and he is coming and he will come tomorrow," said Mailer.

I only came when I went to school, like I came to college yesterday ...

And Mé also doesn't use a sense of movement to get to and from.

I don't have a vision either. Example: I give or text when I visit you.


I've been here before and your baby.

Did you come to the party yesterday Pea, I don't have VIM.

This was not the case when VIM was not written this morning.



If the VIR crosses this path, I will encounter an obstacle.

Be your baby tomorrow i have to come tomorrow

What about VIR?

Vim Ou Vir