Village Hidden In The Stars

Village Hidden In The Stars

Can someone tell me about the Hidden Stars Village in Naruto?

Well, first of all, it's not real.

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Naruto is the creation of an autistic person, and occurs in SW Snowball.

Naruto Star Village

City hidden in the stars


Can someone tell me about Naruto One Star Hidden Village?

Yes. ۔ It is located in the land of the bear. Shigakore was created 200 years ago after a strange meteorite in its place, which they call a star. No tree or plant can grow near it after landing. Dialogue among its inhabitants shows that the foundation of the village was not laid long before Konoha. Their leader is Shikaj. Other villages did not recognize Shigakore as equal and no ninja really deserved it.

The meteor itself is not very large, but it emits radiation which increases the cycle. The initial shackles were able to develop training that allowed the village ninja to use the power of the stars and the ninja to achieve the level of the supernatural cycle. The technique used to use this power is mysteriously pea-matted. Protect or make wings to fly. In the end, the third shocker formed it after realizing its enormous value. Even if a ninja escapes training, the effects eventually wear it out. Only Natsuhi and Toro, Samaru's parents, escaped training and eventually gave up. The third was created by Akashi, which became a training to change and rehabilitate the shackles. Knowing what the star was doing, he decided to ignore the effect of forcing another village to accept Shigakore.

Team Guy is sent to Shiga Core as a bodyguard on a mission in 178-183 installments, and Naruto accompanies him to a high-quality school. There he met Samaru, who would become a shaky one. Naruto sympathized with Samaru because his goals and overall situation were the same. Tim Guy and Naruto finally discover the secret of the star, and the two boys, who have received excellent training, reveal the truth to the star ninja, calling Akashi cruel and strong, and refusing to train. Naruto destroys the star after placing the sky in his chest.

Village Hidden In The Stars