Vienna Stock Exchange (WBAG) .VI

Vienna Stock Exchange (WBAG) .VI,

How To Define Vienna Stock Exchange (WBAG) .VI?

  1. A simple definition of Vienna Stock Exchange (WBAG) .VI is: The Vienna Stock Exchange is Austria's only stock exchange and operates a market data center for Central and Eastern European markets. The company that runs the stock exchange is called Weiner Barsi AG. It sees itself as a market- and customer-oriented company that plays a key role in the Austrian capital market.

    • The Vienna Stock Exchange, founded in 1711, is Austria's only stock exchange and the world's oldest.
    • Trade and foreign exchange hours are Monday through Friday at 8:55 p.m. 17:35
    • As of June 2020, the Vienna Stock Exchange had a market capitalization of 90 billion euros, 85 trading partners, 117 ETFs and more than 140 indices.

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