Definition of Vie:

  1. To compete against one another. For example, telecommunication corporations vie to win more clients from one another by utilizing various business strategies that they hope will entice clients to stop doing business with their competitors.

  2. Compete eagerly with someone in order to do or achieve something.

Synonyms of Vie

Compete, Contend, Contest, Struggle, Fight, Battle, Cross swords, Lock horns, Jockey, Jostle, Grapple, Wrestle, Admit of comparison, Antagonize, Battle, Be commensurable, Be comparable, Beat against, Beat up against, Breast the wave, Buck, Buffet, Buffet the waves, Challenge, Challenge comparison, Close with, Combat, Come up to, Compare, Compare to, Compare with, Compete, Compete with, Contend, Contend against, Contend for, Contest, Cope, Counter, Emulate, Equal, Fight, Fight against, Fight for, Grapple with, Jockey, Join battle with, Labor against, Match, Match up with, Measure up to, Meet, Militate against, Not compare with, Offer resistance, Outvie, Parallel, Pit, Reluct, Reluctate, Resemble, Rival, Stack up with, Stem the tide, Stickle for, Stipulate for, Strive against, Strive for, Struggle against, Struggle for, Take on, Test one another, Vie for, Vie with

How to use Vie in a sentence?

  1. Rival mobs vying for control of the liquor business.

Meaning of Vie & Vie Definition