Victim Compensation

Victim Compensation,

What Does Victim Compensation Mean?

  • Victim Compensation is a government initiative that provides compensation or payment to help victims of violent crimes, such as rape, assault and murder, pay their bills. This includes payments to their families. Each state has its own program and its own scope and capacity requirements. In terms of insurance, Victim Compensation will not cover expenses that may already be covered under the policy, such as employee compensation.

Literal Meanings of Victim Compensation


Meanings of Victim:
  1. A person who is injured, injured or killed as a result of a crime, accident or other incident or action.

Sentences of Victim
  1. Victims of domestic violence

Synonyms of Victim

wounded person, sufferer, injured party, injured person, casualty


Meanings of Compensation:
  1. Some, usually money, is given to someone in exchange for loss, injury or inconvenience.

Sentences of Compensation
  1. Claim compensation for accidents at work

Synonyms of Compensation

indemnity, remuneration, redress, repayment, satisfaction, payment, recompense, indemnification, reimbursement, requital