Vice Fund

Vice Fund,

What is Vice Fund?

  1. The definition of Vice Fund is: The Vitam Global Fund, formerly a subsidiary of USA Mutual Funds, is a mutual fund that focuses on investing in dishonest industries, often called socially irresponsible investment investments. As seen.

    • The Vitam Global Fund, formerly known as Voice Fund, is a mutual fund managed by USA Mutual, which focuses on investing in the dodge sector, which is often socially irresponsible. Investments are seen as investment sensors.
    • The fund invests primarily in equities, most of which come from the alcohol, tobacco, gaming and defense industries.
    • Voice Fund changed its name to Vitam Global Fund on October 1, 2019.

Literal Meanings of Vice Fund


Meanings of Vice:
  1. Immoral or petty behavior.

  2. As an alternative

Sentences of Vice
  1. The open grave of crime and guilt

Synonyms of Vice

badness, venality, immorality, misconduct, villainy, corruptness, evil, wrong, iniquity, evil-doing, wrongdoing, corruption, wickedness, impurity


Meanings of Fund:
  1. Paying for a specific purpose.

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Sentences of Fund
  1. The World Bank refused to finance the project

  2. Created a fund to coordinate economic investment

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