Veterans Administration

Veterans Administration,

What Does Veterans Administration Mean?

A simple definition of Veterans Administration is: The Veterans Administration was established in 1930 at the height of the Great Depression and was once an independent government agency. It is now called Veterans Affairs and rose to the level of the US Cabinet in 1989 as the Department of Veterans Affairs. Commonly known as the VA, the organization provides basic patient care, benefits, and services to U.S. military veterans and their families.

  • The Veterans Administration is now known as the Department of Veterans Affairs, or VA.
  • Soldiers offer home loans and other benefits to veterans.
  • A certificate of eligibility is required before obtaining a VA home loan as specific service requirements may vary for veterans.
  • The VA also provides support for grieving, funeral expenses, medical care, and significant benefits for family members.
  • Examples of financial assistance include compensation, education and training, and life insurance.

Literal Meanings of Veterans Administration


Meanings of Veterans:
  1. A person with extensive experience of a particular individual.

Sentences of Veterans
  1. Veteran of both world wars

Synonyms of Veterans

retired soldier


Meanings of Administration:
  1. The process or activity of managing a company, organization, etc.

  2. Enforcement of government affairs.

  3. The act of distributing, giving, or using something.

Sentences of Administration
  1. Business administration is ongoing

  2. The islanders chose to remain under French rule

  3. Administration of oral antibiotics

Synonyms of Administration

dispensation, dispensing, ministry, government, operation, managing, applying, control, measuring out, apportionment, overseeing, commanding, running, directing, care, giving, orchestration, management, leadership, regulating, delivering, supervision, issuing, disbursing, executive, authority