Definition of Vesting:

  1. Medium- to heavy-weight cloth with a decorated or raised pattern, used for vests and other garments.

  2. The conveying to an employee of unconditional entitlement to a share in a pension fund.

  3. Process by which authority, benefit, or privilege, or rights to or interest in an asset or property, passes unconditionally to a particular entity.

How to use Vesting in a sentence?

  1. There was a vesting interest by the third party so we were not sure that we could trust their perspective to be unbiased.
  2. After five years, vesting in my 401k will be complete - all the matching contributions made by my employer to my retirement account will legally belong to me.
  3. The expense was booked as a one-time charge, because ‘there is no vesting for these shares,’ he says.
  4. Sometimes you will have a vesting interest in another company and really hope it succeeds even if the profit wont go to you.

Meaning of Vesting & Vesting Definition