Vested commissions

Vested commissions,

Definition of Vested commissions:

  1. Commissions paid to an agent regardless of whether they still work for the insurer, based on renewal business.

Meaning of Vested commissions & Vested commissions Definition

Vested Commissions,

How Do You Define Vested Commissions?

  1. Company renewal fees are paid to intermediaries, regardless of whether they still work for the insurance company to which the company belongs.

  2. The definition of Vested Commissions is: Renewal fee must be paid to the author or his property, whether he remains in the company or not

Literal Meanings of Vested Commissions


Meanings of Vested:
  1. The insured belongs to someone or has been given to someone else.

  2. Shipped or worn with vest.

  3. dress up.

Sentences of Vested
  1. State law gives several counties ownership of all wild birds

  2. A blood red "X" ran down his chest behind his back, joining him with a red cap.

  3. "Thermal activity reaches an ideal value," said the reverse man.


Meanings of Commissions:
  1. Production orders or approvals (some)

  2. Create (something new) work.

  3. The position of (one person) as an officer in the Army, Navy, or Air Force.

  4. An instruction, order, or function given to a person or group.

  5. The right of a group of people to do something through a government job or a government agency.

  6. The amount paid to an agent in a business transaction, usually a certain percentage of the amount involved

  7. Awarded the rank of officer in a court order, army, navy or air force.

  8. Commit a crime or offense.

Sentences of Commissions
  1. We had some trouble turning on the heater.

  2. Recruited to the Royal Marines

  3. One of his first tasks was to redesign the building for a great exhibition

  4. A commission has been set up to investigate allegations of police violence

  5. Foreign banks can receive commissions

  6. Resigned

Synonyms of Commissions

undertaking, panel, execution, mission, job, contract for, board, exercise, committing, brokerage, performance, dividend, directorate, tip, delegation, put in an order for, board of commissioners, premium, committee, task, solution, advisorate, order, employment, bonus, share