Vest Fleece

Vest Fleece,

What is Vest Fleece?

The penalty vest is used to describe a situation in which the company accelerates the purchase of stock options so that employees benefit from higher stock prices. In addition, there is a very long option period for employees before rapid stabilization. Stock option holders can change their stock options in less time, which hurts existing stockholders.

Literal Meanings of Vest Fleece


Meanings of Vest:
  1. Transferring or giving to someone else (power, authority, property, etc.).

  2. (A sugar girl or a pastor) dressed.

  3. A tight, sleeveless dress worn over a shirt, usually without a front collar and buttons.

  4. Clothing worn on the upper body for a specific purpose or activity.

  5. T-shirt, usually without sleeves.

Sentences of Vest
  1. The executive is in the hands of the president

  2. She went to the altar to dress up

  3. Businessman wearing a three-piece striped suit with vest and tie

  4. Running vest

  5. Call now last week and give preference to vests, warm underwear, toilets and socks.

Synonyms of Vest

entrust to, confer on, give to, invest in, bestow on, grant to


Meanings of Fleece:
  1. Get a lot of money (from someone) usually by swamping or cheating.

  2. Cover like wool.

  3. Sheep or goat envelope

  4. Soft and comfortable fabric with wool texture, used as a stable.

Sentences of Fleece
  1. When the sheep get up, we take their long, sharp loaf of bread

  2. Reversible jacket

Synonyms of Fleece

defraud, trick, swindle, dupe, hide, cheat, double-cross, fleece, gull, deceive, pelt, hoodwink