Verizon Fios Tv Picture Problems

Verizon Fios Tv Picture Problems

Problem with TV Verizon Fios! Sound but no picture (and a little green) ...? 3

I was using the remote to switch between programs when the image suddenly appeared, although the television could still be heard.

I switched to another channel and only one accent.

In the upper left corner of the screen is a green embossed object that looks like a barcode.

Thinking it was some kind of coincidence, I typed the information twice (to see the program 11 information with the grid that you see in the small grid), I was able to see each image. In this slot, green barcodes are scattered on the mini screen. Back to normal television, the barcode in the upper left corner is always a little lighter.

(I'm not sure the green bar is important, but I still think it should be mentioned.)

In the Movie on Demand menu, there is no image in the preview box, but you can hear it.

I'm trying to watch movies on demand without pictures. And this time the accent is cppy.

Has this ever happened to anyone? Help!

You can try resetting the box by plugging it in to 10 ... Plug it again ...

You will see 8888 and s, but you will have to go back in time and turn them on again ...

This is an HDMI connection ... HDMI is not compatible with Motorola Box ...

In some cases, you can try unplugging the HDMI cable and restarting it ...

Anyway, it helps and if you don't already have one ... call this wild card Verizon ...

TV wires only

We've had FiOS for over 3 weeks now and yes, we don't have that problem like anyone else. If this is the only problem you have, consider yourself an ax. Call Verizon and don't be fooled. It has to do with nutrition. I don't remember all the technical terms they used, but it can be fixed. I now.

Verizon Fios Tv Picture Problems