Verbal Judo

Verbal Judo,

Definition of Verbal Judo:

  1. Use your voice and body language to express potentially aggressive or violent situations without provoking a confrontation. Oral Judo, also known as Tactical Communication, was developed in 1983 by Dr. George (Dr. Rhino) Thomson, a professor of American literature, a martial arts expert, and later a police officer. . Since then, Judo Verbal has developed a more comprehensive training program to address conflicts between industries, as well as the popularity of Thomson's books, such as Judo Verbal (1993) and the Judo Verbal Institute.

Literal Meanings of Verbal Judo


Meanings of Verbal:
  1. In the form of relatives or words.

  2. Is related to or derived from a verb.

  3. A word or words that act as a verb.

Sentences of Verbal
  1. The root of the problem is not verbal, it is verbal

  2. Verbal adjective


Meanings of Judo:
  1. An unarmed martial art derived from jujutsu and trains the body and mind. This includes using the handle and lever to unbalance the opponent.

Sentences of Judo
  1. If you just want to practice a specific style of aikido, judo or karate, is there a school near you?