Ver Geladeira

Ver Geladeira

My fridge is full. Or do I love God? 3

I traveled on January 21 and left the refrigerator and said there was food in it.

I came back yesterday and they are equipped with tapuro, fly and everything you can.

Yes, immediate protection. I do not know what to do! I'm restless!

I see that there are many ways to deal with this:

1 Fear of bad temper and cold (but it is not appropriate to throw Rudox or any other poison there)

2 Agreeing to clean someone up

3 Buy a new ice cream and throw it on the mud as it is (stamp before shaking)

Good luck to you.

Don't want to throw it away, first take care of gloves and masks. Whether you team up to kill CS for the common cold, or use Lysoform, don't sell it on the market. Run to direct our CS, hose, collect and play for CS. Wash your refrigerator with soap, rinse, dilute, or follow the lysoform instructions. Rinse again and dry. Lysoform is better than bleach because it kills bacteria, worms and onions. Good type

Refer to my lucky pass CS © h CS died before I arrived. I opened some parts of the freezer (ndo and oal) which I removed or Styrofoam, cleaned all the canteens with cif and put water in the coil to reduce the remaining garbage juice. But before you have it, you want to remove the hose, take a deep breath and bend the pre-forum, put another down. Beware of connectors and connectors, it can burn something. I took the rubber and cleaned it several times because when I put the cake stew back in place it was full of liquid arg and the ports didn't match the agora directly. The smell didn't come out, it looked intoxicated, but not safe. Â Hours or more I get ...

uà©, open td and clear. Leaves open and desigada.saiara td. If you do not throw food, see the resolution of a TB fan that helps disperse your friends lol ......

2. Because of this disturbance, you will have to use a ■■■■ to clean it ... Leave the door open when you leave the prison so that the child will start to rot or stink.

Clear everything and then go to the pesticide! By removing alcohol, PE or anything quickly, we keep insects away.

Ver Geladeira

Ver Geladeira

Call some Vision Craigs and they will fix it before you do.

First, you have to connect and play with broken food forums, then you have to clean the gel and clean it thoroughly, then you have to turn it on again.

Or join a Mac to try something out and play or relax instead of the trash.

Call a catcher because opening this prison will force these tapours home!

Ver Geladeira