Ventilador Gasta Muita Energia

Ventilador Gasta Muita Energia

Is the fan using too much light? ۔

It has a Celego fan at night that emits a lot of light.

It depends on the size of the alice, how much or more than the maximum consumption or consumption.


You have to look at the fan tag on the tag attached to it, it has this, its expression is in watts, IM, in this tag you will find some 55W, D.

They will help, we will ask you to calculate that you need to give an example of a 55W fan.

Calculate first, you have the necessary data, yes:

* Asia (come with 55W)

* Term of use (assuming you said you left the link for 8 days)

* KW / h value (Angular price for electric energy company discount, provided it is available your energy, we have R $ 0.60 or KW / h)

come on:

Whether it's a 55W input fan or you use 0.055 KW / hour.

As if there are only 8 ways per day, we interrupt 0.055 x 8 = 0.440 Kw / hour per night

30 days of trouble 0.440 x 30 = 13.2 KW / hour per meter.

If kW / hour is R $ 0.60, phase 13.2 * 0.60 = R $ 7.92.

In other words, let's move on to the data, the fan will earn about 88 reais per month.

This calculation can be used to calculate all other fixtures, just move the speed of Apa and daily use !!!

Esp has helped, years.

Ola's friend, I heard from him, can believe that not many mild problems, not fans or better, not many peas or just working as peas or radiators and you should turn off more ۔

Fans are very demanding, usually they don't get enough 90 watts, not in the case of radiators (they used SIM before) 520W or they can get there! We can get more than 1000 watts!

But no fan uses too much light, you can rest assured!

No, it uses a lot of energy, one is a fan with a power of 30 W / h and the other with a power of 300 W / h. Economy ...

He couldn't believe it.

Ventilador Gasta Muita Energia