Vendors Coverage

Vendors Coverage,

Vendors Coverage Meanings:

  1. The definition of Vendors Coverage is: Additional coverage insured by the manufacturer's general liability insurance for some suppliers in connection with the distribution or sale of the finished product mentioned in the appendix to the notes. This notice provides product liability coverage for suppliers who distribute or sell declared insurance products and sellers are not required to contract product coverage separately.

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Meanings of Vendors:
  1. A person or company that has some sales, especially a street vendor.

Sentences of Vendors
  1. Italian ice cream parlor

Synonyms of Vendors

marketer, supplier, travelling salesman, wholesaler, dealer, saleswoman, shopman, trafficker, retailer, stockist, door-to-door salesman, shop boy, shopkeeper, sales assistant, marketeer, assistant, tradesman, sales representative, commercial traveller, seller, shop girl, trader, salesperson, salesman, merchant, purveyor